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Lifestyle Support

Not sure where to start with your health?

How do I describe Lifestyle Support? Well, it’s giving you the opportunity to utilise all my skills in one session. Generally, people come looking for help when they are trying to lose weight, get fitter, more flexible or they have a particular injury that aggravates them. They just want to work on their specific requirement.

But more success is generally had when you look at the whole person. I look at your posture, strength, your waistline, your mental wellbeing, your conditions and your injuries. We look at what you eat, how you relax, how you move and the quality of your sleep.

Take the first step to improvement

If you have got this far, you are considering lifestyle support, but you might want to know more, before you jump in  – get in touch and book a consultation

Image by Kate Hliznitsova

What to expect

Each session is different as consideration will be given to how you are feeling on the day and we may use one skillset more than the other.

As we work together you start to trust me and tell me more about what you have been through and we look into each scenario and work on improving you.

What you take away from the session, becomes the goals for the week or month ahead, I start you on your road to improvement, but this also involves buy in from you.

If this is something that interests you, please get in touch and we can work to tailor a plan for you.

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