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Holistic Massage

There is no set routine with holistic massage, each session is adapted to what will benefit you on the day. During your first consultation, we will look at possible causes of your muscle tension/pain and work to find how we can help to reduce this for longer lasting results. Appropriate massage techniques will be used, and aftercare movement and advice may be offered.

How Holistic Massage may help you:

  • Relieves tension and relaxes tight muscles

  • Promotes relaxation, reducing the effects of stress and anxieties

  • Promotes pain relief and the body’s natural healing process

  • Improves skin and muscle tone

  • Encourage better circulation

  • Relieves stiff joints

  • Improve posture by bringing awareness to the body

Acupressure Neck Massage
Back Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage has both physiological and psychological benefits and is used to improve the conditions of the muscles by increasing the circulation which then helps to flush out toxins and eliminate waste products. It alleviates muscle aches, increases joint mobility, aids recovery after illness or injury and helps to prevent injury by keeping muscles flexible and agile.


Regular sports massage can help to extend the life of your sporting career by keeping your muscles healthy and preventing tears and other injuries. During a Sports Massage the muscle and fascia tissues are stretched using a variety of techniques enabling the blood to circulate more efficiently through the tissues. It can release tension, remove waste products and allow better oxygen take up by increasing the tissues permeability.


Reflexology is a natural therapy which involves stimulating particular points on the feet or sometimes hands, to bring about relaxation, balance and healing. Reflex points on the feet and hands are linked to other areas and organs in the body.

Reflexology treats the person as a whole as no system within the body works alone. By balancing each system you create a homeostasis within the body.

Reflexology Therapy
Yoga Practice

Posture Analysis

We cannot treat injuries and pain in isolation, we need to review the whole body and nervous system. All of it needs to be taken into consideration with every single injury/situation. So, reviewing the body as a whole, including its history, can help to identify where tight muscles and misaligned joints are having a negative effect on your body. This review utilises gentle exercises to activate the misalignment that has been found.


Reiki is a Japanese complimentary therapy that works to balance your energy channels and chakras. It has many benefits, there are studies that show it can be good to improve your moods, reduce your anxieties, stress and nervousness. It helps to nurture your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Reiki Healing

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system has no pump, it is designed to help the circulatory system carry fluid back up to the heart. It depends on muscle contractions, diaphragmatic breathing and body movement. It is possible for your lymphatic system to become sluggish, due to inactivity, consuming the wrong foods, poor hydration, stress and following surgery.

To find out more about this type of massage and what it can help, please read this blog 

Relieve the pressures

Pain shouldn’t be ignored, it’s there to help you address your issue. Listen to your body and work with us to get it moving fluidly again – get in touch and book a consultation

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