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Image by Joyce McCown

Gait Analysis

How many people do you think suffer with pain?

I think it’s most people these days and it makes our bodies and minds over-protective. We adjust our posture after a situation; such as injury or feeling pain or discomfort and don’t realise that we haven’t gone back to our normal once we repair. We can hold onto our new normal forever.

I’ve learned a lot about bodies watching them move during exercise sessions and many of these bodies then come for sports massage as they become more aware of themselves. I notice how bad posture can bring stiffness into the body. By working out where you have postural issues, we can work to iron out your problems and reduce your body restrictions utilising exercises to activate any misalignment found.

This session combines an initial full gait analysis, then using massage and specific full body exercises. This combination will start the release of your muscles and regular practice of the exercises will bring improvement into your whole structure. This is not a quick fix, but it will, if practiced regularly improve your gait, posture, stance and ultimately reduce your discomfort.

Each session we re-do the gait analysis to see if any improvements are noted with a review of your understanding of the exercises and implementation of harder exercises as your body becomes stronger.

Improve your body

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