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Garden yoga

Useful guide to Garden Yoga

During the summer months, I hold yoga classes in my garden. Here are the things to consider when coming along. This is a 3 minute read. If you would like to attend a session, please let me know. 


Parking for Garden Yoga

There is room for 5 additional cars in the driveway, please park sensibly, to ensure all cars can park as there is no on road parking. Please only park on the gravel drive, not the grass. Parking is on a first come, first served basis. If you are able to walk, please consider this as it is kinder to the environment. There is also a large Supermarket close by that you could park in, so allow an extra 5 minutes, just in case.

Access to back garden for Garden Yoga

There is a black gate to the right side of the house, this will be open, please come through to the back garden.

Mats: Please bring your own mat, I would recommend that you do not bring your best mat as we do get a lot of pigeons in the garden, I wouldn’t want it to get ruined. If you do not have a mat, I always have some mats for sale. This can be ignored for indoor/hall sessions.

Fluid intake

Please bring a drink with you, this will keep you hydrated.



If you have blocks/straps, bring them and use if you want to. If it is a sunny/bright day, I would recommend that you bring your own lavender bag or a small hand towel to cover your eyes during the meditation phase. Lavender Bags are available for purchase (£6) if you would like one, please message me, I always have them in stock. I also sell meditation pillow’s at £30 and Yoga Bolsters for £30. I also sell other equipment if you need it, such as mats, straps, blocks etc.


Uneven ground

My garden is not flat, so please be aware of your surroundings and placement of your feet/body when doing balances.

Weather Conditions

When we are doing yoga/meditation in my back garden, there is not much shade, so please consider your skin tone and if you need to apply sun cream. Please bring your own sun cream. If the weather is cooler, then bring a jumper, you might even consider a blanket for meditation. If it's bright, then a lavender bag, will make your meditation more pleasant.

Toilet Facilities

There is access within the house for use of a toilet if needed. There is soap and water in the room and there is a cleaning spray and kitchen roll, please wipe down any surfaces you have touched to protect it for the next participant. There is a bin in the kitchen for disposal of kitchen roll.


I accept cash or online payments (via PayPal or bank transfer). Details will be provided on booking.


Booking is required for your first session, but after that you can attend whenever you are available.


As a courtesy, please give me at least 48 hours’ notice. Less than 48 hours’ notice will be subject to a cancellation fee, unless I manage to fill your space.


The garden classes are dependent on the weather, but the class will be transferred online if the weather is bad. You will be advised the morning of the class and provided with an on-line link before the event. It is possible to join the class online whilst it is held in the garden.


If you are new to my classes, please complete this online Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before you attend the session. The completed form will automatically be emailed to Attitude Wellbeing.

Got a question?

Get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

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