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Reflections on my 30-Day Meditation Challenge

As a devoted yoga teacher, meditation has always been a central component of my classes. I constantly seek inspiration from various sources, whether it be through listening to guided meditations or drawing ideas from the books I delve into. Recently, my class meditations have centred around the powerful practice of setting intentions, a concept that invariably intertwines with my personal journey.

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During one of these class meditations, a revelation struck me—I had inadvertently stopped meditating for my own well-being. In that moment, I resolved to set a personal intention: embark on a 30-day meditation journey. Commencing immediately, my first session unfolded on the cosy embrace of my living room sofa. Ranging from brief 5-minute respites to more profound 40-minute introspections, each day presented a unique opportunity for self-discovery.

My meditation toolkit featured online sessions from luminaries like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Gabor Mate, Joe Dispenza, and others. The Silva Method countdown proved instrumental in guiding my practice. Regardless of the day—be it Christmas or New Year's Eve—I remained steadfast in my commitment, ensuring a minimum of one session daily. I am pleased to report that I successfully navigated this self-imposed challenge, culminating in 30 consecutive days of meditation.

So, what did this dedicated practice reveal to me? The benefits were tangible. I found myself slipping into slumber more effortlessly, free from the early-morning call of nature. Mornings greeted me with heightened mental acuity, easing the transition from bed to bustling day. A subtle calmness settled within me, proving transformative in various aspects of my life.

As someone deeply intrigued by the art of manifestation, my recent meditations have gravitated towards this theme. Notably, I observed an enhanced ability to articulate and focus on my desires. Specifically, I directed my intentions towards increasing attendance in my yoga classes and garnering more clients for my additional services. Remarkably, within a week, two new clients availed themselves, and nine inquiries flooded in—an encouraging sign of progress.

Was the 30-day meditation journey worthwhile? Undoubtedly. It guided me to insightful books and unearthed a fear I now actively work on overcoming. Looking ahead, my meditation practice endures; today marks day 44. I've incorporated a reflective ritual into my daily routine—evaluating the day, identifying areas for improvement, and expressing gratitude for every experience.

Furthermore, I commence each day with purposeful contemplation, setting intentions that encompass both the immediate and distant future. For classes, I visualize the attendees I wish to welcome, intertwining manifestation practices with broader aspirations. As I pursue various manifestations, I reflect on achievements, infusing each thought with heightened emotion and substance.

My recommendation? Embrace the transformative power of meditation, weaving it into your daily existence. As I continue this journey, I anticipate sharing insights at day 100—further testament to the enduring impact of a dedicated meditation practice.

If you are interested in doing more meditation, please get in contact. I often organise meditation events. I will be announcing one soon....

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Very insightful and well done! I am feeling inspired to incorporate more meditation into my day now 🙏🏻

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