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Did you know that Parsley may help stabilise your blood pressure?

I was investigating how to naturally stabilise blood pressure as I have a client who is on medication for it and they are interested in finding other options. I have found out many interesting things alongside this but today I wanted to share with you that Parsley is thought to help stabilise your blood pressure, whether it is high or low. I don’t believe that any of these are a quick fix, but if used daily it may slowly make improvements.

So, I have four options for you to consider how you take your parsley.

As a tea

Take a handful of fresh parsley (or a tsp of dried) and place into boiling water, allow to steep for 5-7 minutes, remove parsley from water and drink. I use a cup strainer to make my teas. Currently having a cup as I write this!

As an Oil

Take a large handful of parsley and chop to help release the juices. Place in a sterilised glass jar and cover the parsley with oil, cold pressed olive oil would be the best, purest. Place lid on jar and allow to steep for 2 weeks. Shaking occasionally. Once two weeks is reached, strain oil from parsley. Place your homemade Parsley oil in a jar and discard the parsley. It is now ready for use. Use in a dressing or just put a few drops on a spoon and eat. Please note that parsley oil should not be taken during pregnancy as it is thought to have abortive properties. Taking the oil before a meal can also stimulate your digestion.

As a tincture

Tinctures only require three things: herbs, alcohol, and a glass jar. Your alcohol needs to be 80 proof vodka or 190 proof grain alcohol, it depends on what you are putting in it. It is recommended for parsley that you do a 1:1 ratio of both alcohols. So, finely chop up your herbs and put into glass jar, don’t pack them down, fill the jar to about 2/3rds, then cover with the alcohol. Add the lid and then leave to do their magic for about 8 weeks. Make sure you shake the tincture every couple of days. Don’t leave anything poking up out of the alcohol as it will cause mould and spoil your tincture. If your jar has a metal lid you need to put a piece of parchment paper or cling film between the jar and the lid. Once the 8 weeks has passed, you need to separate the herbs from the tincture. Using a coffee filter, pour the liquid into a clean jar through the filter, the filter will absorb a lot of the liquid, so squeeze it carefully to extract as much as you can. This can then be taken neat – only 2-3 drops or place them in water and drink.


Add parsley to salads, soups, as an eatable garnish to any meal you choose

These directions are only an overview. If I haven’t provided you with enough info, try googling it.

Disclaimer: This blog is provided for information only. If you are looking to treat a health condition, this must be done along side your healthcare professional. Please do not stop any prescriptions you are taking, all medication must be controlled by your healthcare practitioner.

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