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Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Have you considered how many different ingredients you use in 5 separate breakfasts? I have just reviewed my 5 breakfast blogs and I used 27 different ingredients. Sea salt and almond milk were the only ingredients I used more than once.

I used 5 fruit, 9 vegetables, 1 grain, 1 legume, 1 meat, 4 herbs and spices, 2 natural sugar substitutes, 1 nut, 2 seeds and finally water. Total 27. I had to recount those several times!

Would you consider that my breakfast options were healthy? Have you considered how many of these ingredients are processed? I am trying to reduce the number of processed foods I use, so this list is quite good. But consider that almond milk, bacon, oats, maple syrup and honey are processed, unless you make them yourself.

By processed, I mean that there has been a manufacturing process used such as pasteurisation. Unfortunately, labels don’t show if it’s processed, but look at the labels and if you don’t recognise the ingredients included then it probably is. For example: the bacon I purchase has no nitrites in it. I buy sprouted oats, which are easier for the body to digest and the almond milk I buy only contains almonds, seaweed and water. Always check the label! I also think that garlic can be considered processed as I have heard they use bleach to die the skins white, so I would recommend organic garlic.

The ingredients in my 5 breakfasts were: Oats, Sea Salt, Water, Grapes, Strawberries, Raspberries, Almond milk, Maple syrup, Onion, Mushrooms, Red pepper, Garlic, Rosemary, Cannellini beans, Kale, Asparagus spears, Bacon, Black pepper, Apple, Celery, Beetroot, Carrot, Banana, Avocado, Sesame seed, Sunflower seed, Honey.

If you only have the same ingredients every morning you then miss out on so many nutrients. The more diverse a range of breakfasts you have, the more interesting nutrients your body gets and these natural nutrients are good for you and your body. For example, Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, a good source of potassium, folate, and magnesium. Do you know that Potassium is necessary for the normal functioning of all cells. It regulates the heartbeat, ensures proper function of the muscles and nerves, and is vital for synthesizing protein and metabolizing carbohydrates. And that’s just potassium.

Please take more time to care for your body.

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