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Making improvements

This is a little story about one of my clients and I have tried my best to provide it with anonymity.

Almost a year ago today, someone randomly knocked on my door in Rayleigh, Essex in desperate need of help. They had fallen over and hurt their leg and back; and were struggling to walk or sit, let alone climb the two steps to my front door.

I squeezed a massage in for the very next day but it started badly as getting on my massage couch was incredibly tough and painful for them. After an initial consultation, I started work. We had some success on that first session, and they left with a smile on their face, less discomfort and booked another session.

We made progress in every session and unlike a lot of clients, they were doing the basic exercises I set for them. Each time they returned they were making great progress. Did I mention that they are 75? They now return once a month and it’s amazing the changes since the first visit.

They can walk down the two steps without holding on, there has been an increase in their range of motion in their legs, they are able to put their own shoes on and tie their laces. When they first came, they appeared reserved and in constant pain, now they smile and giggle all the way through the session. They have realised that they don’t have to put up with what’s wrong and their “being old” rule book is being re-written.

As you can imagine (if you know me!) we talk a lot during our time together and they talk about their troubles, and I try to give them guidance on how I see their issue impacting them. They were having a tough time with someone being mean to them and they have let that person go from their life. They have worked so hard and it’s amazing to see. They won’t be running a marathon any time soon, but they are enjoying life and are able to go for long walks with their dog. Even the nurse is pleased with them as their blood pressure is reducing too!

It's a lovely story and they even said in their last session “This is all because of you”. I was actually lost for words.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Don't forget you can forward this page on to them, it might get them started.


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