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Making your movement count!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

So, let’s start with the boring stuff! Did you know that in 2011 new physical activity guidelines where published by the four UK Chief Medical Officers? [1]

The guidelines set for Adults (19-64 years old) and older people (65+) is 150mins – two and half hours – each week of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity (and adults should aim to do some physical activity every day). Muscle strengthening activity should also be included twice a week.

Interestingly I don’t achieve the levels required by these guidelines as I don’t do moderate to vigorous activity as recommended. I very rarely get a sweat on. But I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been.

My day is full of yoga, I do between 1 and 7 sessions a day, I walk over 10,000 steps a day and I go to the gym once a week and do weights. I also enjoy going kayaking with my husband. But I also do life and believe that life can count towards activity and can help to reduce chronic disease. But none of this can be tracked (unless it includes steps)

Within the link [1], they also comment that “Physical activity should be encouraged across the population, with the latest evidence showing there is a clear link between physical activity and chronic disease”

But what is physical activity? Well, sitting on your bottom is OFFICIALLY the worst thing you can do (unless it’s on a bicycle!); you need to work out how reduce your bottom time. I believe it’s more about the quality of your movement, rather than getting your heart rate up with physical exercise.

Movement comes in many forms, think about what you do that includes it. Cleaning the house, weeding the garden, cutting the grass, preparing dinner, playing with an animal. What about watching TV, have you considered that you could stand up and watch it? Same with working, can you walk around more whilst at work. Getting a cup of tea or glass of water can break your sitting time, so do this often. Use the stairs. If you use public transport, stand up or get off a stop earlier. If you park in a car park, park away from the location you are visiting and walk. Can you even walk to the shop you are visiting? Play more with the kids, join in rather than watch! Yes, they can probably run rings around you, but if you keep doing it, you will improve. That’s the same with everything you do. It is also recommended that when on a plane you should do movements whilst in your chair, do have you considered doing chair yoga from your desk? Have you considered using some of the yoga moves you know through the day? You could hold goddess pose whilst brushing your teeth or drying your hair. I sometimes hang in a forward bend drying my hair to add volume! And some of the exercises lying down can be done before you get up.

These suggestions are there to get you thinking about how you move, and I’ve now been typing this for about an hour with little movement, so I am taking my own advice and signing off and getting off my bottom!

Please be aware that these are my thoughts and comments and do not take into consideration any issues or injuries you may have.

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