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Massage with Mindfulness

“An hour-long treatment guiding your body into an ocean of physical and mental tranquillity.”

Benefits of massage

Massage sooths the nervous system, which stimulates production of natural painkillers. This, reduces the effects of stress, calms the mind for open-minded problem solving, improves compassion, calms the musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and endocrine systems.

A mindful massage is an opportunity to learn how to meditate in our modern busy lives. You get the blissful, calming, connecting, present moment awareness benefits of massage and meditation in one go! If you have difficulty focusing on just one thing, feel anxious or stressed, or “can’t meditate”? Then, this Mindfulness Massage session is for you.

Benefits of Mindfulness

An evolving approach in reducing stress, pain, anxiety, trauma, increasing our emotional stability; working smarter, improved sleep, focusing attention, increasing wellbeing, compassion, feelings of being at ease, confidence of self and others, acceptance, letting go of unhelpful habits, non-judgement, patience, calmness, contentment, equanimity, emotional, physical, wellbeing and resilience. Learn mindfulness-based stress reduction and cultivate skills for riding the waves of life’s challenges. A moment by moment, breath by breath, experience of deep connection with mind, body and soul.

This simplistic approach to massage therapy treats both the physical and emotional side so you feel more aligned with your body and attract the life that you are here on earth to live.

We believe that relaxation and pain relief go hand in hand, and that self-care is the answer to many painful conditions and stress related illnesses. We provide a safe space where you reduce stress, relieve pain, and reconnect your mind-body-spirit. We listen to your needs and design the perfect massage therapy session for you. We are confident that you will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and revived!

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