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Time for a challenge....

I love listening to a podcast and this week I listened to one that suggesting doing a challenge that involves eating “30 different natural foods containing polyphenols in a week”.

Polyphenols are a category of compounds naturally found in plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, tea, coffee and dark chocolate, they are thought to be beneficial to your health and improve the health of your gut biome.

So, coffee is a bean, so that counts as one. If you use a seed mix, then it might count as more because there is more than one seed in the mix. Dark Chocolate counts as one as it’s high in polyphenols, milk chocolate doesn’t count.

There is no calorie counting here, it’s just different natural foods, we are looking for the lower processed, the better. I know that coffee is processed as is dark chocolate, but they do contain polyphenols. But the more processed they are the less they contain.

I have added a file below for you to print as a score card. Allowing you to put on the fridge, to help you keep count.

30 polyphenols challenge
Download PDF • 45KB

This is my list of 30 foods:

I know that everyone has different intolerances and diet styles these days, so you may not be able to join us on this challenge. But I would love to see your list if you do. I’d also be interested in how many days it took you to complete this challenge. You could post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @attitudewellbeing or #attitudewellbeing.

Please don’t eat anything that you know that you might be sensitive to or avoiding as you may know what foods can spike your blood sugar levels or affect your gut. This challenge is about being kind, so please be mindful of your individual situation.

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