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Did you know that you can hire me for your wellbeing events?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Although my main business is to teach yoga in Rayleigh, Essex. I am also interested in providing more information to improving your health, whether it is to help you start yoga or to learn more about nutrition; improving your health or your immunity, I am able to provide a comprehensive presentation to your club or business.

Recently, I have been invited to talk at events for local clubs. One for The Riverside Club, where I did a talk on “50 ways to improve your health” and another for a local Ladies Rotary club where we discussed wellbeing and did some chair yoga, including learning some breathing techniques. I have also in the past run online yoga classes for a division of the NHS as part of their team meeting.

Many companies have budgets for health and wellbeing these days and are always looking for ways to improve their employee’s wellbeing. Maybe I can help them, why not present this blog to them.

Using my knowledge, I can provide a talk/presentation on a specific topic, utilise previous presentations and if there is room we could do a yoga class in the boardroom, or hire a venue to achieve this. If your company regularly holds staff conferences, then I can provide a section on wellbeing at the event.

For more information about my skills, please see my "about" section. You can also check out my yoga page where I discuss “Corporate Yoga”

If you would like to hire me or learn a little more about this, please contact me by email or phone, all details are provided on the bottom of this page.

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