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My Meditation challenge: Getting a daily meditation practice

Ohm - meditation is great at the beach
And Breathe.....

I started with an idea that I wanted to do 30 days of meditation as I had just stopped meditating. And at the end of my blog about it, I decided to continue and do 100 days of meditation. To read this previous article, see the related posts at the bottom of the page.

I did it! getting a daily meditation practice, I’ve just completed 100 days of meditation, it’s definitely part of my night-time routine now. I do a variety of meditations. I like to listen to guided meditations, create my own meditation and work through it, my favourite is to give gratitude to everyone in my world and everyone that might come into my world. I even listen to podcasts where they might have a soothing voice or giving my mind some great information.

I also try to do some gratitude or a positive affirmation in the morning before I get out of bed, to help set me up for the day. If I do this, it also helps to get me out of bed earlier!

I feel more focused and able to get things done, I don’t seem to spend as much time procrastinating. I have lists, but sometimes my lists get overwhelming, I had a list for work, a list for home, a list for Dad and a list that contains any projects I am working on. There would be post it notes around the house too! But I have got clarity on this now and I have put all my lists together in one place. I put all my ideas on there too. So, it’s definitely helped get me more organised. I also feel more productive, I have lots more ideas too. I write them down and follow up on them as and when I am ready. Before, my lists would just get longer and then I wouldn’t look at them again. If I looked, I probably have about 6 or 7 different spreadsheets with lists in the title. Not sure I want to go back and look at them!

I already had a calmness about me, there has been no change to that, I am still calm. Is my mind negative? rarely. It’s quiet mostly, but it already was.

I also practice The Law of Attraction/Manifestation and my meditation challenge has certainly helped in this. I use the gratitude meditations to bring focus to my mind, I then think about my manifestation list, especially when I wake up. I listen to whatever guidance or ideas come my way and I allow the process to flow. Yes, I can get a bit stuck sometimes, but for me it's all about re-focusing and doing a meditation really helps with that.

If you are interested in learning more about The Law of Attraction or in joining a meditation session, let me know and maybe you can join one of my small face-to-face events. If you go to the comments section in the footer of my website, this will send me an email, or you can scroll down a little bit further and it gives you a link to sending a message via WhatsApp. Just be mindful that you need the WhatsApp app on the device you are using. There is a WhatsApp app for laptops as well as phones.

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