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Our passion is your well being

Offering Yoga, Nutrition, Gait Analysis, Lifestyle Support, Massage and Reflexology


Where would you like to go?

A wealth of knowledge and expertise awaits you. Our purpose is to aid your journey of discovery, whether you are looking to heal or just improve your wellbeing.

Woman in Lotus Pose


Whether you are new to yoga or been at it for years, dive in for more info.

Shoulder Massage


Support your wellbeing with a variety of massages, we also offer reflexology and posture analysis.

Healthy Lunch


Want to lose weight, improve your energy or just review your eating habits?

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Workshops & Events

Self care workshops, mini retreats, meditation sessions and much more.

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Posture Analysis

Has modern day life restricted your movement? Time to allow yourself more freedom.


Lifestyle Support

Enrich your life and allow us to guide you to there using all our skills.



Attitude Wellbeing based in Rayleigh, Essex was started by Rachel Watson after a lifelong passion for the wellbeing sector and a keen interest in human biology. 

Already trained in gentle massage and reflexology, when her stressful work life burned her out she embarked on completing a Nutritional Therapist course, gaining her teacher training in Yoga and completing Level 3 Sports Massage and Attitude Wellbeing was born. As you can gather, Rachel has a passion for learning and continues to hone her skills every day and share her findings – if a client presents her with a problem, she will find the solution.

Attitude Wellbeing is now one of the top places if you’re looking for a Yoga Class Rayleigh and attracts clients from surrounding areas and further afield in Essex. Attitude’s other services include Massage, Nutrition, Posture Analysis, Reiki and Lifestyle Support. 

Rachel also runs regular wellbeing events and workshops which are usually an instant sell out so make sure you’re subscribed to Attitude Wellbeing to be the first to know.


Blog & Recipes


... it was a bit like a light bulb being turned on in my head and my body too.

Happy Feet Workshop

If you’re looking to make positive changes in your life you need Attitude!

Yoga and lifestyle support client

... if you have any troublesome joints or niggly muscles I have no doubt Rachel can help

Yoga class attendee

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